Greenwood Cemetery By-laws





Sale and Transfer of Lots


A      For the purpose of these By-Laws a lot is a single grave space.
B       For the purpose of these By-Laws a plot is multiple lots.

Price of Lots:

Interment rights to lots shall be sold at prices set by the Trustees and filed with the Ministry of Government Services, Cemeteries Regulation Unit.


All purchasers of Interment Rights must sign a contract with the Cemetery as adopted by the Trustees and filed with the Ministry detailing obligations of both parties and acceptance of the By-Laws.

No Resale:

No Interments rights may be resold.

Transfer of Rights:

If Interments Rights are transferred, the Rights Holder(s) must return the Interment Rights Certificate to the Cemetery who will then issue a new Certificate to the transferee.

Form of Certificate:

Interment Rights shall be conveyed by such form of Interment Rights Certificates as adopted by the Trustees and filed with the Ministry.

Issue of the Certificate:

The Interment Rights Certificate shall be issued to only one of the Rights Holder(s) and only after all arrears connected with the lot have been paid in full.

Limits of Rights:

The Interment Rights belong only to the persons named on the Certificate and there is no transmission of interest through Death. By-Law No - limits the number and type of interments allowed in the lots.


The Rights Holder(s) may at any time cancel the contract and have the Cemetery repurchase the Interment Rights if no Rights have yet been exercised subject to the following conditions: The repurchase price shall be calculated as the original price paid minus the portion deposited into the Care and Maintenance Fund.


No rights shall be exercised, transferred or services provided unless all arrears connected with the lots have been paid in full.




A burial permit issued by the Division Registrar showing that the death has been registered or in the case of cremation a Certificate of cremation must be deposited with the Superintendent before an interment may take place.

Written Permission

Written permission must be submitted to the Trustees for any interment other than the Interments Rights Holder for each lot.

Charges Incurred

Persons ordering graves will be held responsible for charges.

Cremation Interments

Cremations may be interred in lots other than cremation lots including family plots.

Lower Animals

Bodies of any lower animals shall not be placed in the cemetery.


All disinterments will be done in accordance with the Cemeteries Act.


No interment or other services or supplies will be provided for a lot until all arrears connected with that lot have been paid in full. 




Columbarium means an above ground structure designed for the purpose of interring cremated human remains in sealed compartments

Rules for Niche Walls

  1. Two cremation urns are permitted per niche

  2. Niche wall prices as per price list plus the cost of engraving.

  3. Engraving must be ordered through Greenwood Cemetery.

  4. Inscriptions will consist of names of the deceased and year of birth and death.

  5. Inscriptions will be consistent with the sample provided by the owner.

  6. No fraternal or service club insignias will be allowed

  7. No external decorations will be allowed on or near the niche wall.

  8. All flowers shall be removed by November 15th of each year until April unless it is a funeral service and the administrator, in an appropriate time frame will remove them.

  9. No cards, notes, plaques, ordainments, pictures, toys, balloons, stuffed animals, candles, holiday decorations, rocks or money allowed on the face of the niche.

  10. Solely cemetery personnel will do site beautification.

  11. Opening and closing of niche walls is an additional charge as specified in the by-laws of Greenwood Cemetery. See price list.




A.            For the purpose of these by-laws a marker shall be understood to be any permanent memorial structure.
B.            For the purpose of these by-laws a monument shall be any marker that is not flush with the ground

 Only one Monument to a Plot

No more than one monument may be erected or placed on a plot regardless of the number of graves in that plot.

Single Width Graves

Only flat markers flush with the ground and no wider than 36 inches (apron included) are allowed on single grave width lots. 

Double Width Plots

Monuments no wider than 30 inches (base included) are allowed on double grave width plots.

 Triple Width Plots

 Monuments no wider than 60 inches (base included) are allowed on triple or more graves width plots. Rules 29,30 and 31 are to allow mowers and trimmers to pass in between adjacent monuments and to keep appropriate spacing for aesthetic reasons.


All monuments taller than 1 foot shall have a 4 foot deep foundation  at the owner's expense. 


All markers are to be installed with a Trustee present.

Care and Maintenance Fund

All markers installed in the Cemetery shall have the proper amount of money deposited in the Care and Maintenance Fund as regulated in the Cemeteries Act.

Thickness of Flat Markers

Flat monuments must be at least 4 niches thick and have concrete apron around the marker to depth of four inches. This is to prevent the monuments cracking

Heights and Thickness

All monuments must conform to the following height restrictions:

Monuments up to 32" high must be at least 6" thick,

Monuments up to 32" to 40" must be at least 7" thick,

Monuments up to 40" to 55" must be at least 8" thick,

Any monument higher than 55" must have plans submitted for Board approval and may be denied for practical reasons


One footstone with a flat level surface set flush with the ground may be placed at each grave (in addition to the monument). This footstone shall be placed at the end of the grave farthest from the monument. All footstones are to be installed with a Trustee present.

 Type of Material

All markers or monuments must be constructed solely of natural stone or bronze.


 No inscription shall be placed on any marker which is not in keeping with the dignity and decorum of the Cemetery.


 Off the Ground

All flowers must be potted and placed in a stand of which the design has been passed by the Superintendent. The stand is to be placed at the comer of the marker.

Fresh Flower and Smaller Pots 

Fresh Flower and smaller pots may be placed on a grave to commemorate special occasions, however, the Cemetery assumes no responsibility and will remove these and the containers when they become unsightly.

Flower Beds

No flowers or flower beds may be planted on the ground.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs and decorations in the Cemetery must meet the approval of the Trustees. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any that were not approved and prune any that grow too large. A list of suitable trees and shrubs is on file in the Cemetery office. 

Animals Prohibited

No animals shall be permitted in the Cemetery

Chairs. Trellis. Etc. Prohibited Articles

No chair or bench, wooden or wire trellis, arch or iron rods or similar articles shall be brought to or left upon the lots.

Trustees Not Responsible for Portable Articles

The Trustees will not be responsible for loss of or damage to any portable article left in the cemetery.


No markers may be installed on a lot until all arrears connected with that lot have been paid in full.


The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any markers found to be in contravention of these regulations.